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FIT FAST AS F*** FAF 20" x 2.25" BLACK

SKU: 32-TWB-BLK-225
MSRP: $24.95

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The only FAF tire with an aggressive knobby pattern. Originally designed as a front tire for dirt, the FAF 2.25 has become a popular tire for street riders as well and is now used front and rear. With a medium depth and perfect tread pattern, micro knurling that’s as happy in the dirt as it is on cement, this really is the perfect tire for every occasion. Like all FAFs the 2.25 comes standard with a puncture resistant layer and 110 PSI rating.

  • Puncture Resistant Kevlar Belt
  • Tear Resistant Silkworm Casing



  • 20″x2.25″
  • Inflated Width
  • Inflated Diameter
  • Max Pressure
  • Weight
  • 2.36″ (60mm)
  • 20.66″ (525mm)
  • 110 psi
  • 24.6 oz